Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beautiful Burgundy

If you've seen even only a handful of my posts, you'll notice that burgundy is one of my favorite colors to wear! Here are a few of my favorite burgundy pieces and looks!
I love scarves, so naturally I had to buy a burgundy scarf. It's actually my most expensive scarf at $12 from Shopko. (But worth every penny!)

When I need a casual look, I sometimes turn to leggings. These $8 burgundy leggings from Charlotte Russe are ridiculously soft and warm!

I absolutely love pencil skirts, so when I found  burgundy pencil skirt on Amazon for $12, I was a happy camper!

 I have about a dozen different pairs of colored skinny jeans. It's no surprise I have a pair of burgundy skinnies!
(From Alloy )

 I also have quite a few maxi skirts, one of which is, of course, burgundy!
(Also from Alloy )

Among my dozens of pairs of shoes, are my trusty burgundy flats! So versatile!

I bought a burgundy ruffle top from Walmart for $5!

Since I love to wear skirts and dresses, I have several pairs of tights for those cold Wisconsin winters, including a pair of burgundy.

I also have a burgundy mini skirt that I bust out occasionally!

I did have a fabulous pair of strappy burgundy heels, but alas, pregnancy made my feet grow and they no longer fit. *tear*


 What are your favorite colors to wear??

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