Friday, March 29, 2013

Coral Cardi

Cardigan: $13 (clearance) UrbanOg
Tank Top: $3 (Sale 3 for $9) Body Central
Belt: $0 Included with dress purchased at Boston Store
Pants: $25 (sale) Alloy
Shoes: $15 Kmart
Total: $56

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black & Blue

Blazer: $4 Goodwill
Belt: $0 Including with a Jacket
Pants: $30 (sale) Alloy
Shoes: $15 (BOGO) Charlotte Russe
Total: $49


Ok, here's the scoop. I had to run out, but knew I was going to shower later in the day. My hair was a wreck from a funky style the day before, then being slept on. It's too short now to pull it in a ponytail. Solution? Bandana. This is how I do uber-lazy.

Bandana: $3 Walmart
Sweater: $4 Goodwill
Jeans:  $20 (sale) Alloy
Shoes: $15 (few years ago) Kmart
Total: $42


Monday, March 25, 2013

Enticing Spring

    Here in Wisconsin, although we are used to it, I am getting mighty sick of this cold weather. I figured if I start incorporating spring items into my current wardrobe, Mother Nature will take a hint and send some warm weather.

(This didn't quite photograph as cute as it looked in real life...)

Scarves: $6 ($3 each, sale) WalMart
Blazer: $0 Christmas Gift (I think originally from Shopko)
Dress: $8 Walgreens (Yep, for real, Walgreens, lol.)
Tights: $6 (sale) Claire's
Boots: $15 (sale) Urban Og
Total: $35

(Hair cut, because I know a few of you asked for a pic!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cheap Beauty Trick!

    As you can guess...I am cheap. Not in a bad way...I just like to watch my money. WalMart? Yes please. Goodwill? Yes!

But, I do love a good body lotion...which can get a bit pricey (for me anyways...) I love Goldbond Softening with Shea Butter. It runs about $9 a bottle at Walmart. Not over-priced.... but more than a cheap generic brand. So when my pump stops pumping, but I can tell there's still plenty of lotion left in there (stuck to the sides, etc.) I add a magic ingredient and stretch the life of the lotion up to a month of daily use.

How? Baby Oil. This is not a secret, but many people don't know about this little trick. Unscrew the pump cap and pour in about 1 Tbsp of baby oil.  (And at under $3 for a 20 oz. can get a lot of use out of it!)

Screw the pump cap back on and shake the dickens out of it.

When you think you're done....shake it even more. It has to be very well mixed otherwise it will separate after time. (Giving it a few shakes each time you use it can help prevent separation, too.)

That's it! Use as normal! (I use for body, but not face...don't need to add oil to my face.)  Leaves skin super soft, but not greasy-feeling.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leopard Print and Red Skinnies

Who would ever think to wear leopard print and red skinny jeans to church?! This girl. Yup! I did! LOVED it! So cute!

Blazer:  $9 (clearance) WalMart
Tank: $6 (clearance) Alloy
Jeans: $16 WalMart
Boots: $15 (clearance) UrbanOg
Total: $46
Yup, threw a flower in my hair! :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Nothing much going on, played it casual for the day! But oh what wonders a cute scarf does for an outfit!

(Pardon the lack of make-up!)

Scarf: $5 Walmart
Shirt: $0 "acquired" from ex-bf.
Sweater: $15 (Kenneth Cole) Costco
Jeans: $0 Hand-Me-Down from Sis (Victoria's Secret brand)
Shoes: $15 (BoGo) Charlotte Russe
Total: $35

Monday, March 11, 2013

Laid Back "Dressed Up"....

Headed to church yesterday, but feeling lazy (and with a nasty migraine) due to the rainy, dreary weather.  I lazified up this skirt for a cute, casual look. I LOVED it. So comfy!
Shirt: $6 WalMart
Sweater: $7 (clearance) WalMart
Scarf: $3 (clearance) WalMart
Skirt: $4 Goodwill
Tights: $9 (sale) Boston Store
Boots: $15 (clearance) Delia's
Total: $44


Friday, March 8, 2013

Plain and Pretty

Just had a bit of running around to do. Wanted to look cute, but casual.

Blouse: $4 Goodwill
Sweater: $15 (? was a while ago...) Kohls
Jeans: $15 (link to similar, not exact) WalMart
Boots: $15 (clearance!!) Alloy (same color not available in that style).
Total: $49

Getting completely bored with my hair, so I just threw on a pretty little headband. ($4 Walmart)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vintage Glam

Had a fabulous time in this outfit! I got lots of compliments And it's always fun to tell people where I got  the dress! I was lucky to find the dress, and luckier that it fits me like it was made for me!

Hat: $1 Antique Store
Belt: $0 Included with (different) dress that was given to me
Dress: $10 Antique Store
Tights: $6 (sale) Claire's
Boots: $15 Urban Og
Total: $32!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lazy Day

This is utter laziness in my world. (But I do it with a bit of style.) This is my equivalent of sweat pants and a hoodie. It was every bit as comfy, but worlds cuter! I didn't want to take this outfit off ever! (I was just headed to my sister's house to hang out on the couch for a few hours....but who knows what else may have come up that I wouldn't want to be caught in sweatpants for! e.g. emergency stop at Walmart for a candybar!)

Scarf: $3 (clearance) Walmart
Sweater: $7 (clearance) Walmart
Shirt: $7 Walmart
Jeans: $16 Walmart
Boots: $15 (clearance) Delia's
Total: $48