Monday, March 18, 2013

Cheap Beauty Trick!

    As you can guess...I am cheap. Not in a bad way...I just like to watch my money. WalMart? Yes please. Goodwill? Yes!

But, I do love a good body lotion...which can get a bit pricey (for me anyways...) I love Goldbond Softening with Shea Butter. It runs about $9 a bottle at Walmart. Not over-priced.... but more than a cheap generic brand. So when my pump stops pumping, but I can tell there's still plenty of lotion left in there (stuck to the sides, etc.) I add a magic ingredient and stretch the life of the lotion up to a month of daily use.

How? Baby Oil. This is not a secret, but many people don't know about this little trick. Unscrew the pump cap and pour in about 1 Tbsp of baby oil.  (And at under $3 for a 20 oz. can get a lot of use out of it!)

Screw the pump cap back on and shake the dickens out of it.

When you think you're done....shake it even more. It has to be very well mixed otherwise it will separate after time. (Giving it a few shakes each time you use it can help prevent separation, too.)

That's it! Use as normal! (I use for body, but not face...don't need to add oil to my face.)  Leaves skin super soft, but not greasy-feeling.

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