Friday, February 28, 2014

Casual in Cream

Was headed out to run errands. Wanted something simple, casual, but put-together.

Can't go wrong with a blazer for added warmth!
Shirt: $0 Hand-Me-Down from Sister (Similar here for $13)
Blazer: $4 Goodwill (very similar here for $22)
Jeans: $0 (Christmas gift, but purchased with coupon code for $25) Alloy
Boots: $12 (Deal of the day and BoGo) UrbanOg
Total: $16 ( or $41 with price of jeans.)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Significance of Your Jeans

Are you aware that the dye of your denim plays an important role in the 'look' of your outfit? If so, good for you. If not, study these examples! Dark jeans will (typically, though it does depend somewhat on the cut/style of the jeans) dress up an outfit. Light denim (typically...) will dress down the look of the outfit. These outfits are the same, except the jeans! One would easily be suited to dinner, the other more for lunch.

(Since I was headed out to lunch, I did in fact wear the light bell bottom jeans.)

Blazer: $4 Goodwill
Top: $8 Urban Og
Jeans: $20 (sale) Alloy  (similar here)
Shoes: $8 Urban Og
Total: $40

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pencil Skirt and Print Scarf

Scarf: $3 (clearance) WalMart
Blouse: $0 Christmas gift (similar here.)
Skirt: $11 Forever21  (similar here for $12.)
Tights: $5 WalMart
Boots: $15 (Deal of the Day) UrbanOg (Similar boots here.)
Total: $34


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Super Fab Dress Featuring : Sugar Love Boutique

I loved this dress! Never wanted to take it off!
(I cheated a bit with this outfit... I borrowed the boots. They are exactly what I needed for the outfit I envisioned. I'm told I bought them though, as a gift for my sister. So you know I must have gotten a good deal on 'em!)
Shrug: $8 Target
Dress: $14 (now on sale for $10!)  Sugar Love Boutique
Tights: $5 Walmart
Boots: $0 borrowed from Sis. (Similar here for $30)
Total: $27

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lazy Lounge Clothes....cute!

I have an illness. I'm not completely sure what it's called, but Fashion Fever might be it.  Even when I'm just going to sit around, eat and watch a movie, I feel the need to be wearing a decent outfit.
(Sorry, didn't notice the pic was blurry until I uploaded it, but you get the gist....)
Sweater: $9 (sale) Body Central
Skirt: $4 Goodwill
Leggings: $5 WalMart
Boots: $10 (Clearance) Delia's (Similar boots here.)
Total: $28

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ruffle Blouse

Shirt: $7 Walmart
Blouse : $12 WalMart (link is to a similar shirt...the one I have is no longer for sale.)
Pants: $25 Charlotte Russe (no longer available.)
Boots: $9 (bogo and deal of the day) UrbanOg
Total: $53

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing Secrets : UrbanOg

    Perhaps you think I'm just lucky to find all these great bargains. (And, honestly, in some ways I do just get lucky! But unless you use StumbleUpon, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.)   I actually scour websites quite diligently to catch all these great deals! Today, I'll share with you one of those sites!
You may have noticed that many of my shoes and boots are from a site called UrbanOg. (They do also have a large selection of clothing.) I stumbled onto this site about 2 years ago. I noticed one very special link. It is now a bookmark on my internet browser that I visit every day. This may seem a bit obsessive, but there's a secret to it!
Every day, Urban Og puts a few items into their Deal of the Day section. These deals are insane sometimes! The next day, the items are back to regular price...which is why I visit everyday. Here are a few of my best scores....
Zebra pumps on sale for $11!

Black Boots with Buckles on sale for $15!

 Thigh High boots on sale for $25!

Little Black Dress on sale for $9!

Grey Boots Deal of the Day for $20

Studded Ankle Boots $7!

Boots: $9 (bogo and deal of the day) UrbanOg

 Boots: $12 (Deal of the day and BoGo) UrbanOg

Blue Suede Shoes: $8 (deal of the day) UrbanOg

Red Skinnies

Military Blazer: $0 Christmas Gift (Similar here at Walmart for $20)
Jeans: $16 Walmart (now on sale for $9!)
Boots: $15 (Deal of the Day) UrbanOg (Similar boots here.)
Total: $31

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teal Top

Shirt: $7 Walmart
Blouse (actually a dress): $6 GoodWill
Skirt: $4 Goodwill
Boots: $15 (Deal of the Day) UrbanOg  (Similar boots here.)
Total: $32

Studded Top Featuring: Sugar Love Boutique

LOVE! The shirt is even better in person than online!
Jeans: $0 (Christmas gift, but purchased with coupon code for $25) Alloy
Boots: $9 (bogo and deal of the day) UrbanOg
Total: $21 ($46 including price of jeans)


Monday, February 17, 2014

Sage Green Blouse

Blazer: $4 Goodwill
Blouse : $5 (clearance + coupon code) Alloy
Jeans: $15 WalMart
Boots: $16 (Sale + coupon code) Alloy
Total: $40


Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Nails: White, Purple, Fuschia

I do not paint my nails often....but sometimes I just want some fun nails! 

Super Casual Black & White

Another day of driving warranted another comfy, casual outfit.
Scarf: $5 WalMart
Blouse: $4 Goodwill
Jeans: $15 WalMart
Boots: $10 (Clearance) Delia's (Similar boots here.)
Total: $34

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Casual Tiger Top

Scarf: $5 WalMart
Top: $8 (clearance) Alloy

Jeans: $16 Walmart
Boots: $12 (Deal of the day and BoGo) UrbanOg
Total: $41

Monday, February 10, 2014

Comfy Travel Clothes

We were up at 5:30 to head out of town. I wanted something super comfy for the drive.... Comfy can be totally cute! (I tend to wear hats when I don't feel like doing my hair, lol.)

Tunic: $10 (Black Friday sale + BOGO) Body Central
Scarf $5 Walmart
Jeans: $15 WalMart
Boots: $12 (Deal of the day and BoGo) UrbanOg
Hat: $3 (clearance) WalMart

Total: $45

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plaid Peplum Skirt

Military Blazer: $0 Christmas Gift
Skirt: $7 (clearance & Black Friday sale) Body Central
Tights: $6 (clearance) Claire's
Boots: $15 (Deal of the Day) UrbanOg
Total: $28

Friday, February 7, 2014


A few folks have mentioned their inability to accessorize to me. So, here's how I do it!
I started with the base outfit...very dark, but cute.

I added the yellow scarf for a pop of color. Cute, but not finished.

Hmm, maybe  a hat?

Ok, let's try blue instead of belt!

Oh! I have earrings that match!

Eh, not feeling the hat...

Oh! Add the yellow back in with the blue...? Yes!
Scarf: $5 WalMart
Dress: $6 GoodWill
Shirt: $0 Christmas present (originally from Costco for $15)
Belt: $0 included with dress purchased at Goodwill
Leggings: $5 WalMart
Boots: $10 (Clearance) Delia's (Similar boots here.)
Total: $26

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Change of Shoes....

Was having a few issues deciding on shoes with this outift.... I tried on the blue suede pumps but it was a bit too matchy matchy for me.
I next tried on the zebra pumps, which I liked much better!

But then I proceeded to bust my toe on the corner of the bed-frame and couldn't wear any cute pumps... had to wear the flat, slouchy boots!
Blazer: $9 (clearance) Walmart
Sweater: $10 (Black Friday Clearance) Body Central
Jeans: $20 (sale + coupon code) Alloy
Boots: $10 Delia's
Total: $49