Friday, February 7, 2014


A few folks have mentioned their inability to accessorize to me. So, here's how I do it!
I started with the base outfit...very dark, but cute.

I added the yellow scarf for a pop of color. Cute, but not finished.

Hmm, maybe  a hat?

Ok, let's try blue instead of belt!

Oh! I have earrings that match!

Eh, not feeling the hat...

Oh! Add the yellow back in with the blue...? Yes!
Scarf: $5 WalMart
Dress: $6 GoodWill
Shirt: $0 Christmas present (originally from Costco for $15)
Belt: $0 included with dress purchased at Goodwill
Leggings: $5 WalMart
Boots: $10 (Clearance) Delia's (Similar boots here.)
Total: $26

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