Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing Secrets : UrbanOg

    Perhaps you think I'm just lucky to find all these great bargains. (And, honestly, in some ways I do just get lucky! But unless you use StumbleUpon, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.)   I actually scour websites quite diligently to catch all these great deals! Today, I'll share with you one of those sites!
You may have noticed that many of my shoes and boots are from a site called UrbanOg. (They do also have a large selection of clothing.) I stumbled onto this site about 2 years ago. I noticed one very special link. It is now a bookmark on my internet browser that I visit every day. This may seem a bit obsessive, but there's a secret to it!
Every day, Urban Og puts a few items into their Deal of the Day section. These deals are insane sometimes! The next day, the items are back to regular price...which is why I visit everyday. Here are a few of my best scores....
Zebra pumps on sale for $11!

Black Boots with Buckles on sale for $15!

 Thigh High boots on sale for $25!

Little Black Dress on sale for $9!

Grey Boots Deal of the Day for $20

Studded Ankle Boots $7!

Boots: $9 (bogo and deal of the day) UrbanOg

 Boots: $12 (Deal of the day and BoGo) UrbanOg

Blue Suede Shoes: $8 (deal of the day) UrbanOg

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