Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Fashion Wrap Up!

My favorite outfit from January 2018 was this $40 all black outfit  .
My favorite outfit from February was this $37 outfit  .
My March fave was this $9 outfit  .
My favorite outfit in April was this $58 outfit  .
This $23 outfit  and this $55 outfit tied as faves for May!
June also had two favorites in this $23 outfit  and this $52 outfit  .
July was pretty meh, so I "settled" for this $31 favorite .
August had me loving this $31 outfit  .
Apparently I dressed well in September, having many favorites including;
In October I loved my black boho mini dress worn here in a $38 outfit and here in a $13 outfit  .
In November, I only posted twice, and neither were anything to write home about, haha.
In December, I was loving my new Marilyn tee in this $54 outfit  and this $31 outfit .
In 2018, I also featured a few guest posts, including this one , this one and this one .






What I Wore: December 2018

Moto and Marilyn

(My hair looked adorable, but apparently that didn't trabslate in any photos, lol.)

Moto Jacket: $0 Hand-me-Down from Sis
Marilyn Tee: $9 (sale) Amazon
Skirt : $0 Christmas gift from in-laws, originally from Alloy 
Black Ankle Boots : $22 (deal of the Day) UrbanOg

Need more outfit ideas?

White Jersey Moto Jacket also worn here , here and here .

Marilyn Tee also worn here .

Burgundy Maxi Skirt also worn here , here , here , here , here , here , here and here 

 Black Ankle Boots also worn here ,here and here .

On this day in 2014, I wore this $52 outfit  .