Monday, March 4, 2013

Lazy Day

This is utter laziness in my world. (But I do it with a bit of style.) This is my equivalent of sweat pants and a hoodie. It was every bit as comfy, but worlds cuter! I didn't want to take this outfit off ever! (I was just headed to my sister's house to hang out on the couch for a few hours....but who knows what else may have come up that I wouldn't want to be caught in sweatpants for! e.g. emergency stop at Walmart for a candybar!)

Scarf: $3 (clearance) Walmart
Sweater: $7 (clearance) Walmart
Shirt: $7 Walmart
Jeans: $16 Walmart
Boots: $15 (clearance) Delia's
Total: $48

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