Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Pants

   I was absolutely loving this outfit! I love it when I have an idea in my head, put it on, and it all works out! No changing necessary. Not to mention this outfit was so unbelievably comfortable! So anyone using the excuse of comfort for not dressing well, this pretty much throws that out the window!

(Did I mention I love hats?) 

Hat: $5 (clearance) WalMart
Tunic: $0 Hand-me-down from sister (thanks Ash!)
Belt: $0 Free with jacket bought at Kohls.
Long Sleeve Shirt : $6 WalMart
Pants : $35 Alloy
Shoes: $20 Charlotte Russe (few years ago, on sale.)
Total: $60

I don't always post about the accessories, but this bracelet MUST be mentioned!
Bracelet : $3 brand new from SammyDress!

1 comment:

  1. Ali was asking what I wanted for xmas...I need new black dress pantsand I love the ones in this pic. Could you possibly show Ali and see if she wouldn't mind getting me those (you could order and have her pay you?). Obviously 36" size 13...if those specific pants don't come in 36" could you find some similar?
    I'm glad that my clothes are going to good use since I can't fit in them anymore :)