Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Preppy

    I have a style that is not so much unique, as it is very obvious. I can hold up a piece of clothing, and someone can say "That is very Erin." A few words to describe it might be classy or  preppy, something so simple as 'nice' may also apply.  I just enjoy dressing well. The only thing on my agenda for this day was a doctor's appointment...but that doesn't mean I can't dress well! (And I did receive quite a few compliments on this outfit.) Give it a try! Layering, when done right, tends to step up outfits a bit.

Sweater: $4 GoodWill
Blouse: $12 WalMart (link is to similar top.)
Jeans : $15 WalMart
Leg Warmers: $0 old sweater sleeves.
Boots: $120 Victoria's Secret. (Similar Boots can be found at UrbanOg for $40.)
Total: $71

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