Thursday, November 15, 2012

Erin's Closet

By request...a peek inside my closet!
I have a LOT of clothes....and accessories. (But, in my defense, I wear all of it!) I use practically every square inch of my closet; floors, racks, shelves, wall, even hooks on the door!

Aside from the closet, I have three dressers in the bedroom. Aside from the shoe racks in the closet, I have a large drawer in an antique buffet where I keep my boots, and a rack in the front hall closet for more shoes. (But like I said, I may have over 60 pairs of shoes, but I do wear all of them!)
I don't have enough wall space for all my hats, so I have to rotate them seasonally.  I could really use more space for betls, but.... I'm out of wall!
My poor sweety has only about 3 feet of rack space, the shelf above, and a few drawers in the dresser. (Starting at the blue spotted scrub top and to the left is his stuff....mine takes up all the rest. He is very patient with my needs!) 

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