Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thigh High Leather Boots

As I was thinking about going out to see my sweety's band, all I knew was that I wanted to wear the boots. I went through a lot of outfit changes until I came to this one, haha! There are people who think that thigh high boots are slutty, but really, other than what the tank top is baring, I'm fully covered!

Tank Top: $6 (about a decade ago at WalMart)
Skirt: $0 (also about a decade ago, for my birthday from the clothing store Rave.)
Tights: $7.50 (on sale) from a store at Mall of America....can't think of the name...)
Boots: $36 UrbanOg
Total: Under $50

As I've mentioned once or twice, sometimes I just like to funky-up my hair!

I was happy as a clam when I put my coat on and it looked so stellar with my boots! (Though I will not post the price of that coat...yikes! Major splurge a few years ago... It's genuine leather Kenneth Cole.)

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