Friday, April 14, 2017

Using Pieces: Casual vs Put-Together

One major component of having a Low-Budget wardrobe, is being able to use pieces in different ways. Sure, I have a few things that can only be worn in a certain way. (e.g. my Christmas Dress.)
However, I try to have items than can be used in a casual way, as well as something that looks more put-together. 

The first piece that comes to mind is my Black Pencil Skirt. I love it.
The obvious use of a black pencil skirt is a more dressed up look, like this , this or this .


But I also enjoy wearing the pencil skirt in a casual way like this ,this and this .

I also do the casual and put-together looks with my taupe pencil skirt as well!

A t-shirt might seem like a bit more of a challenge, but I've dressed a Tee both up and down a few times!
My 'city tee' can be dressed up a bit like here , here  and here .
I've also worn the tee dressed down like here  and here .
I also use my blazers in different ways. I sometimes use my black blazer to look nice like here , here  and here .

Sometimes though I just use the black blazer to add a layer to a casual outfit like here  , here  and here  .

 I also dress up and dress down my white blazer!
 A classic LBD (Little Black Dress) can also have a bit of versatility to it!
I've worn my LBD in very casual ways like here , here  and here .

But I also love dressing it up like here , here  and here .


Well, I hope y'all got a few ideas about how to use your pieces creatively! If there's any other type of blog post you'd like to see, just let me know!

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