Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sharing Secrets: Sammy Dress

I have a lot of free time on my hands. When that happens, I love to Stumble around the internet. (Seriously, try it if you have the time!) A few years ago I stumbled onto the SammyDress website. Whoa! Those prices! But, can the quality really be that good for such low prices? Only one way to find out! Sure enough.... awesome products! Check out some great scores from SammyDress.

SammyDress Striped
Tunic: $7 Sammy Dress (Excellent quality for only

 Top: $5 SammyDress (Super comfy and cute! And how can you beat
$5 brand new?!)
Blouse: $6 SammyDress
Skirt: $6
(brand new!) SammyDress
(excellent quality!)

: $6
Sammy Dress

 Sammy Dress
: $5 Sammy Dress


Chiffon Blouse from Sammy
: $3 (brand
new!!!) Sammy Dress
 Shirt: $5 SammyDress
The jewelry from SammyDress is super inexpensive and awesome!

They also offer a whole section (huge variety) of items available with free shipping! Check 'em out!

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