Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sharing Secrets: Body Central

A few years ago I got a catalogue in the mail from a clothing company I had never heard of: Body Central. Paging through it, I noticed that the clothes were super cute and fairly inexpensive! I hit the website and scoured the clearance section (of course!) Now, body central has become one of the main contributors to my wardrobe!
Cardigan: $4 (clearance, BOGO, Black Friday discount) Body Central
Skirt: $7 (clearance & Black Friday sale) Body Central

Dress: $10 (Black Friday sale + BOGO) Body Central
Top: $20 (lil bit of a splurge for me... Currently sold out.) Body Central
Shirt : $9 Body Central
Blouse: $6 (clearance) Body Central
Top: $8 (sale) Body Central
Blazer: $15 (sale) Body Central
Dress: $15 (sale) Body Central
Cardigan : Body Central $9 (sale. Regulalry $15)


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