Saturday, March 8, 2014

Prep School...? Featuring: Sugar Love Boutique

Last night we headed out to the theater (read: highschool spring play Narnia.) I had to rush home from work, change and then leave right away. I had my outfit planned out in my head.... but unfortunately... indecisiveness took hold of me! (Quite common in my fashion world...)

I originally planned to wear the prep blazer with the light bell bottoms. But, after taking a gander, I wasn't sold on the outfit. So i tried the darker jeans. (Looking at the pictures now, I wish I had gone with the dark boot-cut jeans...oh well, Live and learn!) Digging through my closet I found my khaki pants that I'd completely forgotten about!

Pants: $25 Alloy (sale)
Shoes: $50 (quite a splurge for me) Boston Store. (similar here for $30.)
Total: $97 (eek!)

I had originally planned on wearing my red pumps with the outfit, but upon comparison, the jacket is a much deeper red than the shoes, and it just didn't mesh well.

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