Friday, January 5, 2018

End of the Year Wrap Up: 2017!

I have two faves for January 2017:

$38 Outfit .

...and this $65 outfit .

I had two faves for February as well!

$65 outfit .

....and this $27 outfit  .

In March I did a recap of all my maternity outfits from 2016!

I also had a ton of outfits that I loved, but I think this $57 outfit is my fave!

In April, I did a post about all my fab thrift store finds!

I also did a post of using pieces in nice vs. casual outfits.

My fave outfit for April was this $27 outfit  .

In May, I did a post about the awesome pieces I'd purchased from Walmart.

I had a ton of faves in May as well, but I picked this $36 outfit  .

In June, my fave was this $25 outfit .

In July, my favorite outfit was this $37 Outfit .

I also did a post about my love of Mustard Pieces .

My August fave was this $36 outfit .

I also loved this $15 casual outfit .

In September I loved this $55 outfit .

I had two October favorites:

...this $48 outfit .

....and this $51 outfit .

I also did a post about my newfound love of flats .

My November fave was this $48 outfit .

...and this $55 outfit .

I had too many faves in December as well! So I picked...

....this $62 outfit .

...this $65 outfit .

I also did a post about using Denim Skirts .

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