Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let's Talk Mustard

As you may have gathered by now, mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors. ) Both to wear, and just in general!) So I figured I'd just do a quick blog to show my Mustard Pieces!
Most recent purchase, and quite possibly favorite, given my love of pencil my Mustard Pencil Skirt!!!!
Mustard Pencil Skirt worn here and here .
My other Mustard Skirt is a beautiful maxi that was gifted to me by my Mom-in-Law!
Mustard Maxi Skirt worn here , here , here and here.

I have a patterned mustard yellow scarf that I bought at Goodwill for $2!
Mustard Scarf worn here , here and  here .

I love mustard so much, I even bought Mustard Tights for $6 at Claire's!
Mustard tights  worn here , here and here .

One of my winter faves is my Chunky Knit Mustard Sweater Tunic that I bought for $8 from Burlington.
Mustard Sweater worn here , here , here , here and  here .

I also have a thin knit mustard sweater that I bought from Goodwill for $4!
Sweater  worn here , here and here .
 I also love to accessorize with my Mustard Bubble Necklace that I got at Walmart for $5!
Mustard Bubble Necklace worn here , here , here and here .

 Do you have any favorite colors that you tend to dress in more than others?

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