Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mom Uniform - Part 2

I had to take the strollered baby to pick up the kiddo from school. I felt like such a cliché 'mom' in this outfit. (Not that that's a bad thing, lol.)

Shirt: $0 Hand-me-down from Sis
Jeans: $20 (sale) Alloy (Similar here for $17 or here for $8.)
Shoes : $12 Amazon
Total: $32

Need more outfit ideas?
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Jeans also worn here , here , here , here and here .

Yellow Flats also worn here , here , here , here and here .

On this day in 2016, I wore this vintage maternity outfit .

On this day in 2015, I wore this $48 outfit .

On this day in 2014, I had sinus surgery and still posted a blog! Ha! Dork.

On this day in 2013, I wore this outfit .

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