Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Fashion Recap

I had many awesome outfits this year, a few duds, and tried a few new things. Let's take a look at my 2014 Fashion Year in Review!
First, my favorite ourfits of the year!
(In no particular order, because how could I choose?!)
I love everything about this super-casual but cute outfit!
Again, super casual, but just darn cute!
I just felt cute in this one!
Totes Adorbs! (Haha, do people seriously talk like this? ...without meaning it to be a joke?!)
Classic Blouse w/ Pencil Skirt and  Vintage Chic w/ Victory Rolls tied! Kind of the same type of look.

Super simple, but just cute!
Cozy in Polka Dots
Not sure why, but I'm fond of this one. Just cozy layering!
Super comfy and got tons of compliments!
Not sure why I loved this so much...but I just did!
Never wanted to take this one off!
Classic and country in one!

(I think I just like the pencil skirt outfits because they make me look skinny, lol.!)
Got lots of compliments on this classic, pulled-together look!
Loved my makeup (and outfit) in Grey Chiffon Dress!

Unique Dress, people loved it!
Clearly, I just love maxis! Plus, my hair and makeup are cute here!
Super Preppy
Layered and Preppy...just my look!
Denim Vest: Featuring Sugar Love Boutique

Was your favorite on the list?
Ok, let's move on to a few duds for the year. lol! (Hey nobody's perfect! Even fashionistas sometimes wear questionable outfits!)

Grey Trousers
Not a huge fan...looks a bit sloppy.
Nope, don't love.

Mustard Sweater
Should've worn flare or wideleg dress pants.

White Skinnies w/ White Blazer
Too much white?

Same as Jammies
Too many ruffles on the shirt, otherwise probably would have been cute. But in all fairness, I was just dressing to sit all day in the hospital with Mom.

Preppy in Yellow
Not sure why....just a miss in my book.
Ok, enough of the yuck!
I also started experimenting with mixing prints.  I got a lot of compliments on both, so I'd say it was a success!

2014 also held a broken foot which was quite an adjustment. I actually had to go out and buy flats because I didn't have any to wear with my orthopedic boot!
Here's some of my Fractured Foot Chic collection!

Hey! I also got Married!!!!

I painted my nails a few times this year as well!
Polka Dot Nails





 So that about wraps up 2014! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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