Friday, January 25, 2013

Wavy Hair

Hi. My name is Erin and I have boring hair. Let me clarify... my hair is naturally pin straight, lacking any volume, and as fine it comes. I am so very jealous of gals with naturally textured or wavy hair (as I'm sure they'd say they are jealous of my straight hair, lol. Oh, the irony.)
I very rarely leave it down. If I want a "down" style, I usually curl it, or blow dry then flat-iron it (though this is rare). Even bumming around the house, my hair is never down; it is always up in a ponytail.
It is not often that I go two days in a row with my hair styled the same. I switch it up between braids, buns, twists, etc. Sometimes though, I want it down and wavy. Curling it (even with it brushed through) just tends to look too contrived.  That's where "natural" waves come in. I reverse french braid slightly damp hair, then sleep on it. Boom.... naturally wavy hair the next day that is soft, bouncy and beautiful!
These waves are after a 9 hour day at work, and walking through snow to and from my car.... so they were a bit cuter this morning, but they held up really well!


Very natural looking waves. (They seem to look frizzy in the pic, but that is just the lighting, they are surprisingly unfrizzy, but look more like nice, defined waves.)

This is how my hair is...very flat and fine. (Though I did flat-iron it this day, so it isn't this "nice" naturally.)
(Please note, I am the one in the sunglasses.)

Natural Waves!

I do recommend using a reverse french braid (also called a dutch braid.)

(Basically, it is a french braid, but instead of bringing the hair piece over the center piece, you bring it under...if that makes sense.)

I suggest using this braid instead of a regular french braid, because it holds tighter....pieces don't fall out as easily. (As a gymnast, I much preferred the dutch because of this.)

I also suggest not doing two french braids because the "kinks" tend to be too tight, and then it doesn't look like nice natural waves, it looks more frizzy.

I  use a small amount of mousse before I braid it. (I like to use Aussie Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner.) It doesn't make the hair crunchy, just soft yet still holding it's shape.

So there ya have it! Damage free, pretty, natural-looking waves!


  1. Here's a funny for you Erin, I use the reverse french braid to make my hair JUST wavy because my hair is so curly! I too rarely wear my hair down because the curls are too intense and get frizzy half way through the day, not to mention the curls make it feel like I'm wearing a heavy blanket on my head which makes me so hot which makes the hair curl more! haha! So this reverse (I call it "inverted") french braid also works for those of us who have too many curls, to calm our hair down! Thanks so much for this story!

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