Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Wonderful World of Hats

Confession: I have a lot of hats. There, I said it! But, in my defense, I really do wear them all! I love hats! And although some people say they do.... I actually do (in the sense that I wear hats quite regularly.) here's a quick catalogue of my hats! I didn't include any of the baseball caps or winter caps. I also included examples of me wearing the hats (for when I could find a pic of it!)

Black Fedora: Bought many years ago, no recollection of price or store.

Cowboy Hat: $50 (real cowboy hat, whatever that means....) Tim's Western Wear

Military Hat: $15(?) Deb's   I actually wear this one a lot, out and about and camping/hiking.
Newsboy Cap: $10 Antique Store

Floppy Brim Hat: $15(?) MultiCultural Community (closed now, no website.)
Red Cloche: $3 (super clearance!!!) Walmart

Black Cloche: $0, gift from Mom-in-Law

Floral Fedora: $5 Wisconsin Dells

White Fedora: $5 (sale) Walmart

White Summer Cloche: $12 (ish?) Claire's

Cream Corduroy Fedora: $5 (sale) Walmart

Black Beret: $1 (for real!!) Antique Shop

Brown Fedora: $18 ($0 for me, bought with gift card) Ooh La La Accessories Store

Black & White Cap: No clue.... I'm thinking Walmart.... but seriously baffled. Ha!

Black Cloche with Flower: $7 (sale) Walmart

Straw Cowboy Hat: $2 (yes! seriously!) Claires

Floppy Summer Hat: I'm at a loss.... No clue.

Houndstooth Fedora: $15 Antique Store

Straw Fedora: ??? Why can I remember all my clothes' prices and stores...but not hats?!

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