Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year in Review

I can scarcely believe it's already time for an annual fashion review; the best and worst looks of the year! But, here we are!
I have to cheat, right from the start. I have a tie for my favorite outfit in January!
I love this Casual Pencil Skirt Outfit  for $58.  
I also loved my New Year's Eve Outfit for $42.
My Favorite outfit in February was  this Crocheted Top and Flares outfit for $36.
In March, my blog was transformed into a Maternity Fashion Blog, as I debuted my bump in a Print Wrap Dress outfit for $31.
In April, I dressed my bump in my LBD and Aztec Cardi for $61.
In May, my bump rocked this Print Dress Outfit for $21!
May also brought about this super cute Peacock Dress outfit for $43. 
In June, Baby Bump wore a cute Leopard Dress outfit for $16!
In July, we (Bump and I,) wore this Print Dress outfit for $16.
We also donned this cute Baby Shower outfit for $39. 
In August, I looked like a stuffed sausage in this White Dress outfit for $19. (Be kind, I was 38+ weeks pregnant!)
My return to the blog in September was marked by this Navy Polka Dot Dress outfit  for $19.
In October, I pulled out the white dress (a la 38 weeks preggo...) and wore it in this Aztec Cardi and Burgundy Flats outfit for $23.
In November, I had two faves again!
Scottish Lass for $58. 
December brought about a new Striped Skirt in this outfit for $34.
In 2016,  I also tried out a new trend: Dress Over Jeans for $28.
....and again here for $46.
And now for some of my least favorite outfits...hey, we all have them...!
Not sure why I don't like it...but, alas, the fact remains. Ick!
This  one I like, I just hate the granny-looking nylons, lol. Hindsight!
There were a few I hated towards the end of my pregnancy, but come on, give me a break. I was a whale!
In 2016, I also had my first guest post!
That about wraps up 2016. Let's see what outfits I come up with for 2017!

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