Friday, June 6, 2014

My Loot from Goodwill - Shoes

 So....I broke my foot. (Just a small bone in my foot, but supposed to wear an orthopedic boot for 6-8 weeks. ugh!) Now, this poses a problem for the gal whose only flats are work tennis shoes. So, I had to purchase a few pairs of flats....cue Goodwill!

...who doesn't need some polka dot espadrilles?! And for $5.... had to have them. (Yes, yes...I know, they aren't flats. But, they are joining the ranks of shoes to be worn when my foot heals!)
SImilar here for $30 and here for $32.

Herring bone kitten heels...... so very Erin! $5 Goodwill! (Another pair that will have to wait until the foot heals...)
Similar here for $30.

Ok, here's some flats! Just some plain black mary janes. $4 Goodwill .
Similar here for $12.

Metallic copper "patchwork"  flats. $5 Goodwill.
Similar here for $15.
So the moral of today's post is...... Go to Goodwill! Four pairs of shoes for $20!

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