Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Striped Tunic & Leggings - Featuring Sammy Dress

Yup, another top from Sammy Dress! If you don't know about this must get acquainted. They have tons of clothes (skirts, tops, dresses, etc) and accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc) for incredibly cheap. You can try out new trends without spending a fortune!
(Funny angle on this picture...makes me look all weird. Sorry 'bout that!)

SammyDress Striped Tunic: $7 Sammy Dress (Excellent quality for only $7!)
Leggings: $6 Walmart
Sandals: $15 Victoria's Secret
Total: $28
Temps dropped a bit and needed to stay warm. Threw on a blazer and boots! Perfect! (For the record, this was every bit as comfy as sweatpants and a hoodie.)

Blazer: $9 (clearance) Walmart
Boots: $10 Delia's
Warmed-Up Total: $47 (original outfit + blazer & boots.)

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