Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thigh Highs - Casual

    It's been around zero degrees. Literally. We decided to head out to dinner then down to the big hospital to see a friend (tragic story, seriously)... so I needed something cute but WARM. Enter thigh high boots. These suckers are seriously warm. Jeans with leather over the top? Yup....nice and toasty. 

    I've had people ask where I would ever wear these (when I show them a pic or something), well, really? I wear them anywhere! I've worn them to church, out on the town, out to dinner, etc! You just have to be careful with the styling so they don't look costumey or skanky.  

Sweater: $0 Christmas Present several years ago (originally from Kohls.)
Belt: $0 included with dress purchased at Boston Store
Jeans: $20 (sale) Alloy
Boots: $30 (yes, for real!) UrbanOg
Total: $50

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