Saturday, December 1, 2012


As much as I am into fashion, I am into it just as much for the kiddos in my life (step-daughter and niece.) I love dressing them up and doing their hair!  (Though I don't buy nearly as much stuff from GoodWill for them....)

I must admit, this outfit was more expensive than I like to spend on kids clothes, but it was totally worth it! Beyond adorable! (Was about $20 for the set. Not ridiculously overpriced, but still a lot for a 4T dress! Got it at Shopko on sale.)

(Looking at these older pictures gets me all teary-eyed. She may not be biologically mine, but I love this girl to pieces!) Anyways, back to fashion. The top is a Green Bay Packers onesie from WalMart. The tights are  from Wally as well. The shoes are a black, pink, white tweed. Cutest shoes on the planet, eh? Got them from GoodWill for about $4! The skirt is also a Goodwill find for $2! 
Emma sees me (and her mama) wearing boots, a lot. Monkey see, monkey do, right? It's only fair that I get her some of her own boots! She's got black and brown. Both pairs from WalMart for about $15. (Though the brown pair I got on end of season clearance for $9.) The skirt is GoodWill....everything else is WalMart!

Ha! What a little diva! Ok, she didn't legitimately wear the hat. That is mine and she was just playing with it. The pants are GoodWill and the cardigan and onesie are WalMart.

This girl loves the camera! (And the camera loves her!) The white shirt and skirt are WalMart. The rock star shirt I got for $1 at end of season clearance at WalMart. ($1.00!!!!!!) Skirt is GoodWill. Shoes are WalMart.
This was her Christmas outfit from 2011. To die for!!!!!! What a doll, eh? I do spend a bit more on the Christmas outfits. This was on sale for about $30 at Boston Store.

Ok, hair isn't necessarily part of "fashion", but in my world it is! I can't stand not doing my hair...or wearing it the same all the time! Same for the girls! (Left two are Emma, right is Maddie. Notice the same tweed shoes on Maddie. She gets all of Emma's hand-me-downs. The pink/black plaid dress is from GoodWill.)

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