Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Beauty of Vintage Pieces

You may or may not have guessed by now that I am a huge fan of a nice vintage look. I adore sites like ModCLoth, but the clothes are just a bit pricey for this Low-Budget Fashionista! I score my vintage pieces ar Antique Stores that we stop at. Some are indeed over my budget, but I have come across some amazing deals!

Another place I've scored 'vintage' pieces is Mom's closet! Even before Mom passed away, I knew she had pieces in her closet that didn't fit or she never wore. Some of them have become favorites of mine!
Check out my Vintage Pieces!
My newest piece is the Vintage Mod Dress I posted Yesterday. Love it! I got it for $25 at Columbus Antique Mall.

Dress worn here .
Another piece I love is my simple green dress. Got it for $18 at the local Antique Store in Kewaksum, WI.
Dress worn here , here and here .

One of my favorite scores was a 2-piece set; though the dress is a bit snug on me so I haven't posted it. It is a magenta dress with a long jacket.
Jacket worn worn here , here and here .

My first vintage piece purchased from an antique store was my simple red dress. I got it for $10, at another little antique shop in Columbus.
Dress worn here , here and here .

My most inexpensive antique store purchase is a little black beret i got for $1!
Hat  worn here , here , here and here .

This green dress was $15, also from the antique store in Columbus!
Dress worn here and here .


On of my Mom-Closet finds is a pair of sandals from when she was a teenager (1970's.) They aren't in the greatest shape, but they are gorgeous and super comfortable!
Sandals  worn here and here .

I also nabbed a couple cute vests from her closet as well! The first being a cute olive denim vest.
Vest  worn here , here , here , here , here , here and here.

The second vest was a cute little black one!
Vest  worn here , here , here , here and here.

Hope you enjoyed checking out my vintage pieces and gained a bit of inspiration to check out your own local antique shops!

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