Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Year in Review!

At year-end, I like to go back through my outfits, showcase the ones I loved and re-think the one's that were a bit of a flop. Here we go!
Some of my favorites from this year:
 New Year's Eve outfit , $42 outfit!
Put-Together Casual , $24 outfit!
Tube Top and Maxi Skirt , $15 Outfit!
Blazer, City Tee and Skirt , under $45 outfit!  

Fabulous Vintage Jacket , $22 outfit!

 Pretty in Neutrals , $22 outfit!
 Girly and Cute  , $42 Outfit!
 Little Green Dress , $48 Outfit!

 Vintage Jacket  , $43 Outfit!
 Blazer , Blouse, Skinnies , not-so-low budget... but $32 minus the shoes!
And some of my not-so-fave outfits of the year. Hey, they can't all be winners!
Blazer and Shorts , $25 outfit.
Not sure why, just not diggin' this outfit.
Perhaps with the shirt tucked in? Just looks sloppy to me.
....Not sure, just don't like.

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