Friday, December 7, 2012

Casual Outfits

None of these are worth their own post, so I shall just lump them into one, ha!

Shirt: $4 GoodWill
Jeans: $0 Hand-Me-Down from Sis
Shoes: $15 (now $20) KMart, few years ago.
Total: $19...not bad!

I maintain that the horizontal stripes on this shirt make me look wider.

Hat: $20 (Well, $0 for me, I had a gift card) Oh La La, accessory store in West Bend and Menomonee Falls.
Sweater: $0 Hand-Me-Down from Sis
Jeans: $35 Alloy
Shoes: $15 (now $20) KMart, few years ago.
Total: $70

The blazer is a knit jersey material, so it's comfy like a hoodie!

Blazer: $15 (sale) Body Central
Tank Top: $5 WalMart
Jeans: $15 WalMart
Boots: $120 Victoria's Secret, buuuuut comparable boots can be found at UrbanOg for $35.
Total: $70

Ok, so this isn't an outfit.'s cute! I always wear my hair different ways. Wore it to work like this, took about 5 minutes to do.

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