Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Amazon for Budget Fashion!

In the past few years I have become incredibly dependent on Amazon for a wide variety of products. I realized that they have a lot of budget friendly fashion choices, and I've taken full advantage of that!
In case you haven't noticed, I am a HUGE fan of pencil skirts. I found a great pencil skirt on Amazon for only $12! (I bought it in 3 colors so far, and will likely buy more!)
I found this Burgundy Cardigan for $22! I may have only worn it once so far, but that will change!

I also picked out this meaningful t-shirt on Amazon. (It was gifted to me, but is regularly priced at $19.)

I got my Floral Kimono for $3 on Amazon Prime Day! (It is now $17.)

 I bought my black and white floral dress for $30!

I got my cream colored beanie for only $10.

 I recently debuted my Green Boho Mini Dress that I bought for $10 (sale.)

I bought a few pairs of boots after I realized my feet grew with pregnancy.  Amazon had some great deals!

I got these Taupe Fringed Ankle Boots: for $18 on Amazon. (Yikes, price hike! Now $38!)
I also got these fabulous Black Stiletto Boots for $20!
I also found these adorable yellow flats for $12!

I bought these Chestnut Boots  for $40. (Which is a bit pricey for me, but not at all pricey for nice boots! )

 I purchased my black ankle boots for $18!

 I also got my Chestnut Ankle Boots for $18!

On this day in 2017, I debuted my Casual Friday series with this $26 outfit .

On this day in 2015, I wore this adorable $45 outfit  .

On this day in 2014, I wore this $7 outfit  .

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