Friday, July 20, 2018

Rainbow Wardrobe 2018: Orange and Yellow

I started a few weeks ago with a new series just showing the pieces I have in various colors. I started with red. Moving on down the rainbow is orange. But, on account of the fact that I have no orange pieces, we'll just keep moving on to yellow!
Again, starting from the top I have a bright yellow scarf that I love to give an outfit a pop of bright happiness!
The scarf was originally $3 from Walmart.
Yellow Scarf  added to this outfit, this one , this one and here .

I have a strand of happy yellow beads that I like to wear sometimes, too! (I have no recollection wear I got them, but I'd assume Walmart for fairly cheap.)
Yellow Necklace also worn here , here , here , here , here and here .

I have an adorable button-front yellow dress, that I bought from Boston Store for $25. (Which also included the dark brown bow belt that I wear A LOT.)

Yellow Shirt Dress  worn here ,  here and  here.


For quite a while, my yellow skinny jeans were a favorite of mine. I bought them from Charlotte Russe for $25.

Yellow Skinnies  worn here , here , here, here , here , here, here and here . 

In keeping with my love of cute shoes, I have a pair of cheerful yellow flats that I bought on Amazon for $12!

Yellow Flats also worn here , here , here , here and here .

I've also had a few random yellow pieces that didn't hang around for long enough to be used in multiple outfits (that got posted.)

In addition to these 'regular' yellow pieces, I have a ton of mustard yellow items. But, since I just did a Mustard Yellow  post a few weeks ago, I'll spare you the redundancy and just post a couple pics of my faves!





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