Thursday, July 12, 2018

One Thousandth Blog Post!!!

In honor of posting my 1000th post, I figured I would do a fun one of all my favorites!!!
I started my blog in 2012, and some of the outfits were pretty rough. It's actually quite embarrassing looking back, haha! But, nobody starts out as an expert at anything!  (And I am by no means an expert!)
My favorite looks from 2012:

My favorite looks from 2013: (Clearly, I was LOVING my chestnut boots in 2013!)

My favorite looks from 2014: (This was a really narrowed down selection as it is! But there were also a lot of stinkers in this year, haha!)

My favorite looks from 2015:  (Apparently I feel like I dressed well in 2015, lol.)

My favorites for 2016:

My favorites from 2017:

So far from 2018, my favorites are:

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